How Does It Work?

100% Scratch Free & Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash

Ever seen or heard of a waterless carwash and wondered what it was?

A waterless carwash is an easy way to wash your car without using any water.

You simply spray it on and wipe it off.

Once sprayed on the body of a car, one panel at a time, the product encapsulates, or simply, surrounds the dirt and dust particles, slightly lifting the particles off the paintwork, to be wiped off with a micro fibre cloth.

This is similar to how water reacts with dirt and dust particles, but more efficiently.

Using a good quality micro fibre cloth is a key part of the scratch free process, as the dirt and dust particles are trapped in the hollow micro fibres.

A waterless carwash, also known as a dry wash needs to be performed on a dry surface.

There are many different formulas available in the market.

Avoid products using silicon or petroleum as their base ingredient.

Look for products that only use all natural ingredients, such as Carnauba Wax.

Make sure you check the label and look for those all imported words “All Natural Ingredients”.

The quick and easy process for using a waterless carwash product is as follows:

  •         Spray a light film of product on your car, one panel at a time.
  •         Using a good quality micro fibre cloth, wipe over the panel to remove the dirt and dust.
  •         Using a separate, dry micro fibre cloth, buff dry the panel you have just wiped over.
  •         The finished result is a dry, clean, polished panel, which has a protective wax layer.
  •         Repeat, one panel at a time for the rest of your car.

Now that you know what a Waterless Carwash is, it’s time to give it a go and be amazed by the results.


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