Protect Your Car From The Drought

Protect Your Car From The Drought Pity You Can’t Go Waterless But At Least Your Car Can! In these difficult times of water shortages, you can still keep your car bright & shiny. National Disaster Hey Capetonians we understand that you’re in Stage 6 Water Restrictions your water taps will be turned off as soon […]

Holiday Protection For Your Car

Holiday Protection for Your Car Are you planning a road trip these holidays?   Do you remember the condition of your car when you arrived at your holiday destination last Summer?   Want to make it easier to get your car back in shape at the end of a road trip?     Using a […]

Paint Protection

Paint Protection Can a Waterless car wash product be used on a car that has paint protection? Does using a waterless car wash product on a car with paint protection have an adverse affect? And what are the benefits of using a waterless car wash product in this situation?   The questions around using a […]

Eco Friendly Products

Eco Friendly Products       What makes a Waterless car wash product Eco friendly? Why do so many waterless carwash products claim they are Eco friendly when they are not? And why is being a true Eco friendly product important? It was about 12 years ago now, that I sat down with an Industrial […]

Why Carnauba Wax?

Why Carnauba Wax?     Wanting to wash your vehicle with a safe product? Not sure on what makes a great waterless wash product? What are the key ingredients to look out for? There are so many products out there in the market, however it is very confusing as to what to choose and will […]

How Annoying Is A Dirty Windscreen?

How Annoying is a Dirty Windscreen? Want to achieve a streak free finish when cleaning your windscreen? How do you achieve this? In my experience, the inside of your car’s windscreen is the most difficult part of a car to clean and clean correctly, because any little miss, blemish or streak is right in front […]

Can you use just any old cloth to clean your car?

Can you use just any old Cloth to clean your car? Can you use just any old Cloth to clean your car? What is the best cloth to use when cleaning your car? Want to know what the best cloth is? It’s a Microfibre Cloth! Cloths described as “microfibre” can vary widely in the size […]


BIRD POOP – ALL CAR OWNERS HATE IT!   How many times have you said, How am I going to safely remove that bird poop off my car? Did you know that bird droppings are acidic (ph 3.5 to 4.5) and when the poop falls on your paint, the acid begins to burn and etch […]


      Not enough time to wash your vehicle? Worried about wasting water? Want to have a long-lasting shine without damage to your vehicle? A Dry wash is the solution. You’re asking what’s a Dry Wash? It’s a technique used to wash a vehicle without the use of water. Yes you heard right NO […]


Do you receive your water bill with a nervous feeling or apprehension? Are you aware that prices for water in Australia are anticipated to only go higher? Australia is the planet’s driest inhabited continent. Water is a limited resource. Growing urban populations and the potential impacts of climate change have driven the need for our […]