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100% Scratch Free & Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash

From adversity came opportunity

Evershine Waterless Auto Care was born on the back of adversity.

A severe drought in Victoria had crippled our Turf Management business of 25 years.

We were forced to find an alternative income source, something that was not weather dependent.

During our search we stumbled across the concept of Waterless Carwash, which had been used in the USA for over a decade.

The idea of washing your car without using water was both confusing and exciting.

So the search began for an Industrial Chemist, in Australia that could develop a range of Waterless Carwash Products, using only natural ingredients.

We found our Chemist, who developed a product range to specifically clean each component of a car.

We ordered all the Waterless Carwash we could find, from all over the world. We tried it, decided what worked and what didn’t and what matched with our vision for the product range.

Numerous meetings with Chemist followed, then the testing started, over 12 months of testing, tweaking and testing over and over again, so we could get things just right.

The more we tested and the more we got to know the products, the more excited and passionate we became, because we knew we had created something really special.

The Evershine Waterless Auto Care range of 100% Australian Owned and manufactured, using All Natural ingredients, was launched on the Australian market in 2007 and we have never looked back.

Evershine Waterless Auto Care now supplies product around the globe.


Are you looking for a car wash that is Scratch free?

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Not enough time to wash you car or bike? Worried about wasting water? Want to have long lasting shine without damage to your vehicle and save money too?


We have the solution.

If you are interested in giving your car a super EVERSHINE® and also looking after your health and the planet ... then this is the product range for you.

Evershine® Waterless Autocare products are Australian owned and manufactured, they cover everything that you need to know about washing your vehicle, without water, for a brilliant Evershine® result easily and cost effectivity.

We are proud that our Evershine® products, which contain only natural ingredients, are proven to give an 'evershine' finish, also 100% Scratch Free while saving the planet’s most important commodity: water!

Evershine’s waterless auto care products provide an immediate, no mess, affordable solution - you simply wash and polish in one simple application without water.

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